Collect Us Coins

I always wanted to put my coin collecting hobby into a blog.

This was done primarily with Wordpress. Though I haven't made any styling or PHP changes with the current theme that I am using, I linked the website with 3 pages from my personal website, Quiz, Coin Match, and Collection Suggestion.

Home Page

This is the home page using a responsive Wordpress theme. I have added pages and posts myself. So far, I haven't changed the theme styling or widgets included. Originally, I was going to build a website from scratch that would have included the three pages below but wanted to get the blog going. So, I figured I could start with a Wordpress site fairly quickly and link to the pages I did outside of this site.

Coin Quiz

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I wanted to put together a coin quiz to try to make more of an interest in coin collecting. Right now, the user gets 10 questions. They have 20 seconds to answer each question. They are given four choices. A correct or incorrect response is given as a description at the bottom. So far, I have 100 questions that appear at random.

This was done primarily with JQuery in the front end and PHP/MySql in the back end. The quiz is started going to the database to get 10 random questions picked out of the total number of questions. Four choices from each question record gets put on the right side of the screen for the user to select. A javascript timer starts out at 20 and goes down to 0. If the user doesn't select something by the time gets to 0, "Times Up" will appear and the user will no longer be able to answer that question. If the user does select something and clicks the submit button, the timer stops and Correct or Incorrect will appear below. In either case, a description that is included with the option that the user selected will appear below Correct or Incorrect. After the 10th question, a Start New Game button will appear if the user wishes to try again.

Collection Suggestion

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This is to help someone who is starting coin collecting or a collector who is not sure what to collect next. The user is given 4 options: Difficulty (Easy, Medium or Challenging), Number of Coins in Set, Condition and Composition. Once all 4 are picked, a pop-up box will appear with up to 5 possibilities of what to collect. The user can always change any of their responses to try to get a different list of suggestions.

This was done with JQuery in the front end. The back end was originally done in PHP/MySQL, but when I was changing web hosts, I was having issues accessing my MySQL databases. So, I put the data into a JSON file that gets called via Ajax. Eventually, I will put in back into MySQL. The pop up is a JQuery UI Dialog and the suggestions inside it are shown in a JQuery UI Accordion.

Coin Match Game

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This game was built for the intention of matching the obverse of a coin with its reverse. There are two levels. The first level has twelve obverse and reverse combinations of primarily 20th century coins. The second level has older coins from the 19th and 20th centuries. The user has 30 seconds to complete each level.

This was done using javascript with CreateJS. CreateJS has been used by people designing games as it includes tools to produce rich interactive context. One of those tools is EaselJS which works with the HTML5 Canvas. This made it easier for setting up the coins inside the canvas than using JQuery or another Javascript library. The coins are randomly positioned on the canvas. There is a score that is calculated based the time it took to select the obverse and reverse of a certain coin as well as the distance between the two sides.